Mediation Services

We help you find creative solutions for difficult problems. Pamela Duffy is a Certified Superior Court Mediator (CSCM) and understands that success takes many forms. She uses her considerable negotiation and listening skills to help you find the resolution that suits your case best. Mediation is a forum in which a liability can be turned into an asset, and a lawsuit can be turned into an opportunity.

It is a place where relationships can be salvaged or new relationships forged. Pamela Duffy helps you to help your client look beyond the immediacies of the litigation, and beyond the frustrations of their dispute, to explore possibilities that are beyond a traditional legal remedy. She works hard to make sure your clients feel both heard and understood, and to feel that the process was fair and worthwhile.

Pamela Duffy has significant expertise in contract, commercial and business litigation matters, as well as trusts and estates disputes, and insurance coverage cases. She is available to assist your clients with mediation and alternative dispute resolution services.

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