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Medical Malpractice Defense

Sharpless McClearn Lester Duffy, PA attorneys have extensive experience with medical and healthcare malpractice cases. We quickly understand the underlying medical issues in a case and aggressively defend the clinical judgment of the providers. We can distinguish patients who are unhappy with a poor medical outcome from those that have truly received substandard care, adjusting our defenses accordingly.

We know medicine is both an art and a science, and we have the experience, methods and resources to defend nuanced medical decisions, and to protect our clients’ reputations.

Our attorneys have represented physicians, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, veterinarians, hospitals, nursing and assisted care facilities, pharmacies, healthcare associations and healthcare systems. These cases encompass all areas of alleged negligent care and treatment, with an emphasis on wrongful death and catastrophic outcomes, such as severe brain injuries in infants and children.

We approach our cases understanding that every healthcare provider has devoted a career to achieving the best outcomes for their patients, and we do the same for you when you face potential financial liability and attacks on your professional reputation, credibility and even professional licensure. Our outcomes are tailored to your needs and the unique circumstances of your case, as we work collaboratively with you before, during and after claims are made.

Prevention is often the best cure in both medicine and law. We also advise hospitals and physicians on general risk management and on developing policies and procedures to reduce liability. This includes training for employees, managers and medical professionals, as well as helping clients write policies, employee handbooks and other materials.  

Representing healthcare professionals is not complete without representation before their respective licensing boards. We have appeared before numerous healthcare boards in the state of North Carolina, each of which has a unique character that influences its treatment of licensees. We have strong relationships with these boards and a firm understanding of your rights and obligations related to licensure.

We guide you comfortably through each of the hurdles when healthcare careers intersect legal forums. To learn more about our approach and services, contact us.