Other Practice Areas

Our attorneys have a deep and diverse skillset representing clients in defending religious organizations, environmental matters, and handling appellate court cases.

Defending Religious Organizations

Churches and faith-based schools and daycare can face unexpected and sometimes sensitive challenges that require specialized knowledge of the law unique to religious organizations. Working through legal obstacles while remaining focused on the faith and mission of the organization requires extensive experience and skill. Our attorneys have handled cases involving defamation, sexual misconduct, employee and contract disputes, personal injury and cases that protect the Church from encroachments of the State. Religious organizations that face allegations of wrongdoing require special attention from their legal counsel.

We understand these issues require not just legal expertise, but also a sensitivity to and respect for a religious organization’s unique mission.

Environmental Law

Environmental conflicts often arise in the course of ordinary business. They can involve regulators, employees and individuals you have no business relationship with. An environmental matter may involve interactions with local government agencies or boards, a state environmental agency, federal regulators and others.

Our attorneys have the technical know-how, legal knowledge and experience handling conflicts inside or outside the courtroom to help you navigate even the thorniest environmental issues.

Appellate Matters

Sometimes, the end of a lawsuit isn’t the end. The other side may decide to appeal a decision or you may feel a case wasn’t decided correctly. Either way, that probably means the matter is headed to an appeals court. Appellate courts are different from trial courts because they are focused on legal questions and procedural issues, rather than the factual matters that led to the conflict originally. The art of persuading an appellate panel is also different than making a presentation to a jury or trier of fact. Whether your pursuing an appeal or defending against one, that means your attorneys need to understand how best to represent your interests during an appeal.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in appellate matters and a track record of winning decisions that meet client objectives.

SEC Enforcement Defense

We represent investors, issuers, shareholders, officers and directors in actions arising under the common law, and under State, and Federal Securities laws. We defend individuals, professionals and business organizations in governmental enforcement actions, whether in court or in administrative proceedings.