Professional Liability

We understand how important your reputation is, and we’re committed to protecting it.

Accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals face legal risks because of the services they provide and the advice they give. Professionals of all kinds face lawsuits or other actions from regulators, clients and from third parties affected by their work. Our job is to protect their assets and reputation.

In addition, licensed professionals can face threats to their livelihood and reputations when claims of improper behavior reach licensing boards or regulatory administrative agencies. The outcome of those proceedings can have serious financial consequences and can affect licensing status. We have extensive experience with most agencies and boards.

In some cases the claims are little more than a nuisance, well-covered by insurance. Others potentially threaten the license or economic survival of the enterprise. We search for the strengths of our client’s position and the weakness in the opponents, seeking to apply your greatest strength to their greatest weakness, to drive a favorable outcome.

Our decades of experience enable us to guide our clients through all phases of resolving a claim or action, and to offer insight into the likely outcome and the facts that will lead to the outcome.

We also consult regularly on risk management decisions, conduct trainings and review policies and procedures. We are often able to help reduce the risk professionals face.

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